I just took a look at some videos for CS5, I’m blown away! The tools you can use to correct architecture; image recomposition, image retargeting, seam carving, it’s all unbelievable. It’ll make workflow a lot easier and make you spend less time in Photoshop all together.

In February I started as a Teaching Assistant for Keitaro Yoshioka for the Architecture program at New England School of Photography. I find keeping in touch with your roots and maintaining contact with other others in your creative field is vital for anyone trying to better themselves and their work. Seeing others’ work and critiquing helps reaffirm my sense of confidence, as well as my editing process. With your own photography, everything you look at is from the inside out. I know I tend to be too critical when I look at my own work, so showing it to trusted eyes inevitably gets a fresh perspective and honest feedback.

There is a new baby in my family. I have been looking for the Nikon D3s EVERYWHERE, but it’s been out of stock in every place I’ve looked. The earliest it will ship is sometime from 8-10 weeks, but my D200 isn’t cutting it and I needed a camera. So, I ended up getting the D700. I do have a lot of projects in the works that I want to experiment with for video, but in the meantime I’ll get accustomed to using a full frame camera with high ISO capabilities. I haven’t even had a chance to shoot with it, I’ve been working on my portfolio and editing recent work that I’ve doing with AIGA. I am an official partner of AIGA Boston and photograph all their important events. Recently, I photographed an event at the ICA called “Skin. An In-Depth Exploration of the Surfaces of Design.” It had a really good panel of speakers, I’ve posted some photo’s below. Here’s the gallery from the event.

Sandy Poirier

Allen Zadeh





Premier Screening of American Artifact at Emerson College.

A few months ago I started a band with my friend Adam Tavares, who is a humorous and inspiring illustrator. Our goal is to create minimalist, dance-able, funky jams that go well for background music to fun, dimly lit parties. The first song recorded is call Jim’s Beaming It In. Enjoy.