What a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Honest Abe’s birth than with an oyster knife through the heart? Our lovely models Adam and Erica helped bring this semi-ridiculous idea to reality. No, I guess it’s a fully ridiculous idea. It was another fun shoot with the best weekly Boston publication. Good ol’ Abe who’s getting poked here is also the host of a popular podcast called This Anthro Life. I was actually a guest on it in November. We were tangentially riffing, but tried to keep it within the subject matter of travel, memory and photography. If you want to have some visual context for the episode, take a look at some of my work from China while listening. [cincopa AUNAkeLPpJe8]

Dig Boston’s cover shoot.

2013-02-13_ben_gebo-01©2013 Ben Gebo Photography

I have been taking photos for the Boston Society of Architects for a few years now. Here are a few tear sheets that were published in the latest Architecture Boston issue and the 2014 ABX Tradeshow program.

©2013 Ben Gebo Photography ©2013 Ben Gebo Photography ©2013 Ben Gebo Photography ©2013 Ben Gebo Photography

This is a tear from Spirit Magazine where I did a series of photo booth style portraits for Audio Concepts.

©2013 Ben Gebo Photography