About Ben
I’ve always believed photographs can transport you to another time and place. I first started taking pictures to document where I’ve been and now I take pictures to make sense of where I’m at. I use the camera for both of those reasons equally, whether I’m shooting for a magazine, a design firm, an architect, or for myself. My persistence, focus and hard work all allow me to travel, be creative and collaborate with some of the most innovative minds. Everyday I feel fortunate to be able to use my camera as a time machine. Now, if only I had a DeLorean…

Ben is available for private tutoring and speaking engagements.

British Airways, Converse, Harvard University, Northeastern University, Boston Public Library, Boston Lyric Opera, Hostelling International, Design New England, Keurig/Green Mountain Coffee, JAM’N 94.5, Deloitte, HGTV, Boston Home, Organic Avenue, Wagamama. See full client list.