I have returned from the dusty city of Burning Man. This year has been the most colorful, sleepless, powerful, adventurous, saddening, heart-opening, loud, weird and beautiful week yet. After three years, I think I have finally found how to apply what I’ve learned at BRC to the default world, yet still trying to process the whole experience. Three days of no sleep, four sunrises, bonds grown, faith restored in humanity and unbelievable art. Also, Burners loved our tea tent! I barely took out my camera, but what I did capture you can see here. Now, about to step into the void for my monthly decompression in the sensory deprivation tank at Float Boston. Hey, Earth. Happy to be here.

This was our offering to the playa this year. Me and five other friends came together to give out endless tea and snacks to tired and weary burners.

One of my partners in crime, Adam Gamwell. Together, we host the EQ Podcast.