Polaroids, California, Portland & Burning Man

As I write this, I am still collecting scraps of myself. I leave a little of my life force in the dust every year before heading back to the default world. Take it easy, no need to rush. After a chaotic week with little sleep, deep connections forged, friendships revisited and reinstated, art climbed and appreciated, dust breathed, miles biked and sense of self restored, I am excited to implement my reinforced values back into my routine.
My schedule: BOS>SFO>RNO>BRC>SFO>PDX>BOS>ACK>NOW>BOS>YUL. After that, I’ll have seven straight days of intense shooting in New England before setting sail again for another three part Southwest adventure with nature, camping, jamming, children, floating, sunshine, tacos, vivid colors, old friends and the ecstatic tunes at @desertdaze. If you never slow down, you never grow old.

The Oregon coast is 362 miles. Thanks to the Oregon Beach Bill of ‘67 there is free beach access to everyone and nobody is allowed to build on it.

Hoka Hey! I am on my pilgrimage to the city that burns. So far, I have had quality time and adventures with @tessrud, explored inward with sacred plant medicines, journeyed outward in the Sierras and have an inbox with zero unreads.
When I return to the default world, I will have silly adventures with @dangrossmusic and @ariellepaul in Reno, then jamming and decompressing with my old friend Leslie in Portland. Right now, I feel the healthiest, most vibrant, appreciative, alive and accomplished I’ve ever felt. Hoka Hey means today is a good day to die. I’m doing everything I can to max out my life and give as much love back to others and the world. If I die the moment this is posted, I know I dived as deep as I could into everything I pursued and loved as hard as I could to everyone I’ve met. The destination of life is this eternal moment.
Burners, catch me inside the Starcats dome at 8:00 & Esplanade serving tea with @norajordan @daniellekushner and a few other beauties. I’m also taking your professional Burner portrait Monday 2-4p in my photo booth in the dome. Gebo out!

Trees exhale for us so we can inhale them to stay alive. Our wisdom is stored in these brown and green giants.