Hey there in Blogger world, I’m in sunny Florida for a little R&R from the stress of school and from the 1+ feet of snow in Boston. I just wanted to throw up a quick post and say my website is revamped with an html option, so check it if you get a chance.

Also, I’ve been looking at some good photographers lately, one in particular is Danny Clinch (www.dannyclinch.com). He has a vivid, personal touch he ads to his portraits. Another one I envy a lot is a man by the name of Dan Winters (www.danwinters.com). I am working on my style and it seems to encompass the tranquility and honesty of his work, but also the straightforward capture similar to Ben Watts and the like. My own work, I described it as photo-illustrative, conceptual, semi-classical fine-art portraiture. It’s a progressive way of shooting I am really fitting into. How would you describe your work? Whether your a photographer, sculpture, painter, etc?

Hey, have a nice holiday everyone!




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