After still going through my archives to find work that’s lost subjectivity, so I can look at it as something new, I thought I would compile a mini-portfolio of my visits to Florida. Having not seen photographs taken from a year or more ago, or even just a half-year, it dissolves your connection with it. Eventually you get context after looking at it long enough and seeing it with other shots from the same shoot, so it is important to critique the photo when you first see it after a period of time.

I lived in Florida years ago and although I wasn’t taking pictures professionally at the time, I enrolled myself into the University of Central Florida program for Photography to see if I could reignite a fire for taking pictures that I once had. After taking the first class, my desire to shoot professionally was immediate. At the time, I was not happy with my career path. I was working overnight at a dead-end job and each day was another step down the road of life to some destination I know I would eventually be unhappy arriving at. After this first class I realized I had a decision to make. I eventually moved back to Massachusetts to attend New England School of Photography. It was one of those moments that I knew would sway the direction of my life. These moments occur everyday, but rarely are you aware of their importance at the time. The decision to go back to school and dedicate my life to photography was a monumental one and a step down a path with a destination I knew I wouldn’t mind arriving at.

Total Lunar Eclipse, 12/20/2010

Star Trails

Daytona Beach

Campground Offices

Swing at Sunset

Lost Boats