Europe was the bee’s knees. The only issue about going there was that I wanted to also travel to other countries that I’ve always wanted to go to once I set foot. I have a lot of stories to tell, but I’ll just give the lowdown. The purpose of this trip was to shoot a portfolio on “Modern London.” British Airways ended up giving me an extra ticket for a fellow traveling companion, so I brought my friend Adam. When we arrived, we spent just about 7 hours in London until we flew to Lyon, Paris for 3 days. We visited with my friend Dan and his girlfriend Adele. Dan is an old friend of mine who’s a film scorer and was spending a few months there. He showed us around and I was able to take a lot of good pictures. I shot a lot of street and architecture there.

We ended up getting back to London, which is such a bustling city. It is very populated and everyone is on the go. It is much like New York, except for the accents and the historical factor. I checked out a lot of stuff, but my favorite parts of the city were Camden and Piccadilly Circus. My favorite places that I spent some time were Regent Park, The Portrait Gallery and just the London streets in general; lot of good people watching. I find the best way to get to know any city is to get lost in it. Not have a working cell phone was very good for my creative juices, not needing to answer e-mails or worry about calling someone back, it was such a great feeling. At a quick glance, however, London could be easily mistaken for parts of the U.S., minus the cars and the accents.

Overall, the trip was indeed a success and the people at British Airways were such a delight. I completed my portfolio on Modern London and was very happy with how everything was shot. I did end up losing a flash the last night we were there (!!!!!), but what’s traveling without some form of sacrifice to the adventure gods? I could go on longer about my ventures, but I figure I’ll let my pictures do the talking. I am close to having everything ready to be presented to British Airways, but until I can show the portfolio in it’s entirety, take a look at a few of the images from the trip. Enjoy!

Lyon, France

London, England