I just returned from Chicago for some work/fun. I love that city, there’s always so much going on and so little time to accomplish it all. I was able to meet with some old friends to attend “The Everyone Festival.” It essentially was a recollection of old friends in Wicker Park, throwing a party with a mix of various Chicago musicians. Quite fun, I’d say. I was able to get new work done while I was there. I’ve been trying to capitalize on the opportunity to get more portraits and architectural shots. When you do a lot of work for others, it’s nice to shoot for yourself when you can. I find it really reclaims what the spirit of photography is all about and brings me to why I got into Photography in the first place. The point of the trip was to actually try and “get away” from the normal routine and help re-inspire me for future projects. It worked. I’ve recently decided to go to Utah in August to help jump start an entire new portfolio. I’m sure I’ll report on my update upon my return.