I was contacted by the Agenda Magazine to do a portrait shoot of music composer and teacher Anthony Cheung for both Agenda as well as the Chicago Reader. This was my first time shooting portraits with the intention of having the images appear in two magazines. It was also my first job for both publications. The Reader is similar to the Boston Phoenix in it’s appeal and readership and Agenda is a little bit more classy. Anytime I have a new client I capture as many different angles, expressions and moods so the editor has more flexibility with the layout.

Below are two more photographs of Anthony. These were shot on-location on a sunny day at Brown University in Providence. Here is the article where it appeared.

For editorial shoots, regardless of how many photos the photographer takes, the editors always want to know what else was shot.
For format, alignment with the vibe of the article and consistency with the publication, it’s important to shoot as many different moods and compositions to make it easiest for the editor and people laying out the spread. Below are my images that appeared in the Chicago Reader.
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