I was recently published in the Summer edition of Colloquy Magazine. I photographed three students all working on a documentary film with a similar theme, the theme being industrial decline. Fascinating topic and something I think anyone with a camera is naturally drawn to. Both still and video, cameras are created to tangetize(real word?) a memory, which immediately turns into history. The older that memory gets, usually the more significant. The way each film was described, forced me realize that they are doing their part to help others understand that history is equally important as the present.

Here are other pictures from each shoot that didn’t end up getting used in the issue.

Ben Shaffer

Cynthia Browne

Julia Yezbick

I also photographed scientist Dyann Wirth and her lab team who are all working on a Malaria vaccine. I wasn’t aware that the epidemic was as sever as it was, although I knew it was a big problem in the world. Once the numbers were thrown to me, it made things a lot clearer. The virus has built up an immunity to current vaccines and Dr. Wirth and her team are trying to figure out a way to keep Malaria from it’s built up resistance. They were a fun bunch to work with.

The Fun Decorating section of the latest HGTV Magazine featured some of my work. My photo is the brown living room to the right of center. This was a Boston home shot for Annsley Interiors. HGTV Magazine was interested in this living room because of the dark, muted tones. I love the living room just because brown is my favorite color.