I’ve been traveling all over the place, even though my ties have kept me restrained in Boston mostly. I recently went to New York to shoot the band DeVotchKa last weekend, that was a blast. It was a great show and I got a lot of good pictures, take a look at my website(www.bengebo.com).

I have also been focusing a lot of my attention on my architecture projects. Dana Hoff really inspired me with his architectural portfolio. His kitchens and bathroom are really good work. My favorite work of his work are the exterior shots; he really knows how to line things up accordingly and also pick the perfect time of day to get the most out of the structures he shoots. I also like that he doesn’t have that obvious HDR look, they are mostly all elegant photographs with  lot going on.

Today, I had the pleasure to hear an architectural photographer by the name of Jon Woolf speak. He is from the area and shoots panoramic cityscape’s. He uses all digital now and explained the process of using a 4×5 to capture one scene with 25+ frames! Trust me, it’s a painful process that makes you feel like you’re work ethic is inadequate. Anyways, there’s really impressive work from this guy; the curvature of the buildings are so fluent and seamless in his panoramics. Great stuff. (http://www.jwoolf.com/index.html) .

I heard the D700 has the capabilities to shoot video. (Whoa, really) Oh yeah, check out this article.