The end of October through mid-November has had me on the road nonstop. After traveling throughout New England, I spent a few weeks away on various portrait shoots in Los Angeles, Brooklyn and Florida back to back to back. Once I arrived home, I had 6 straight days of shooting, only to be followed by days of editing. Taking photos and the post-production that comes after makes for a perfect creative ebb and flow. Diane Arbus said that no picture she’s ever taken was intended. They were either better or worse. That being said, the post-production process can be lengthy and muddy, but crucial. Yerba Mate and podcasts are great companions for hours in front of the computer.

What has helped kept sickness and jet lag away is a consistency in my diet and exercise routine. That and sitting barefoot in the grass after flying through the sky in a metal tube for 6 hours, that helps clear my mind and keep me grounded. There’s science behind why it works, and it does work. It helps relieve stress and inflammation while aiding in recovery from sleep loss and injuries.

This trip to Los Angeles was the best experience of the the city I’ve ever had. That’s including the time I’ve lived there back in 2006. I had a few meetings, friends to catch up with, and a couple photo shoots scheduled. I was also able to eat burritos and enjoy the California sun. One of the shoots was for the Sandoval Wine Vineyard in Santa Ynez Valley. Photos I shot for them will be in a later post. The shoot below was for film composer Dan Gross and Singer Arielle Paul. They are working on a musical collaboration and needed some promotional photos. We had a blast working in such a beautiful place. Makes me want to venture out west more. Have a look to see some of what we came up with.

(click photos to see full-size)