Drobo purchased. I just got in a  4TB Drobo system. I had a shoot yesterday morning and when I got home, I had to move 10GB of images from one drive to another before I could load my images. I do not have a good archiving system, but I caught wind of the Drobo and made a little impulse purchase. I am going to debate if a particular image is really worth tossing. I am also still looking forward to a D700 in a few months (hopefully!).

Last Thursday I had to attend an opening reception for The Student Competition at the Copley Society of Art on Newbury Street. It was a really fun opening with a lot of great work. There were mostly paintings there, but some good photography as well. If you get a chance, drop in and see some work. The show will be up until the 28th.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure to see Gary Land speak. He is known for his “hyper-realism” style of photography. I have only known him from his work, but realized how important it is to be inspired from others in order to create images that you want to create. He filled a lot of his lecture with just stories of what to expect, what he’s experiences and what he did to get where he is. He held nothing back, really. He even let us in on some behind the scenes stuff and showed his workflow on his images.

If you know of his his work, I’m sure you’ve seen his images. He loves robots and (fake)guns, that’s pretty rad. His work ethic really pulsed because he got most of the work in his life from his own personal projects. One thing he showed us was how one thing, anything, can become an inspiration. Also, don’t choose to not doing something because someone thinks it’s stupid. Do things for yourself and keep working at it. Someone else out there will like your work, being only a matter of time or just because it hasn’t reached enough of an audience. Anyways, nothing but great things to say about the inspiration this guy can instill.

Also, I’ll be putting up new images from a shoot with Celloist Liz Maxfield. She is a truly nice woman and makes beautiful music. I ended up shooting his her with the idea of a natural, organic style and we had the best weather for it. I think Annie Leibovitz’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth was floating around in my mind somewhere during the shoot. Check bengebo.com in a few days to see them.