This is the One Dalton building in Boston, MA. I photographed this stunning building when it was finally completed.

Gensler is an international design and architecture firm. Gensler is one of the largest and most well-known design and architecture firms in the world, with offices in numerous cities globally. The firm provides a wide range of design and consulting services, including architecture, interior design, branding, workplace strategy, urban planning, and more.

Gensler is known for its work in various sectors, including commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, healthcare, education, and more. The firm has been involved in designing iconic buildings, interiors, and spaces, and it is recognized for its innovative and collaborative approach to design.

Founded in 1965 by Art Gensler, the firm has grown to become a prominent player in the design and architecture industry. Gensler's projects often focus on creating spaces that are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and responsive to the needs of the clients and the communities they serve.