Hello everyone out there in Blogger world, how’s your Thursday? It’s a beautiful Autumn afternoon here in Boston. This is my last free week before things will get really busy. I have a lot of projects ahead, like everyone else I’m sure. Anyways, just wanted to touch upon the photography world by discussing new tech stuff, photographers I’ve been paying attention to, etc.

First, I got published in The Standard Times. Check out the article here. I didn’t get a credit, but my photo is the panoramic. It’s an article about friends of mine, The Viennagram, who are in a show with some other bands, fashion show, and other crazy nonsense in the Calico Vintage store in New Beford this Saturday, 10/04. It will be fun, come check it out.

This month Photoshop CS4 will be coming out! Here’s a video sneak peek of the program here. You can pick up the Master Collection for $2,499 if you’re ballsy enough, but you can get CS4 versions of Photoshop, Lightoom, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, and more for $1,799. It’s all worth the money, no matter what level of photographer you are.

(Canon users skip the following paragraph)

I checked out the Nikon D700 specs and am really thrilled. It’s funny how Nikon doesn’t release any information on the public until the day of the release. I won’t go on for long about it. But, it’s got a full frame sensor, ISO range from 100 to 25600(!!!!!!). Other notable things…It has an on-camera flash, no duel deck for two card readers, 12.1 MP, Continuous shooting up to 5 FPS, 51-point autofocus, dust reduction system, and something really cool: “Active D-Lighting with NEW Auto mode: Unique three-phase dynamic control to capture previously lost details in shadows and highlights while maintaining normalized contrast.(©Nikonusa.com)” It’s a D3 in a D300 body, essentially. Also, it’s only $2,999, body only.

A photographer that I’ve been looking at lately are Brassaï, the Hungarian photographer/filmmaker and sculptor. His night photography is delicate and moving, and he knows how to capture humans in their element. I’d like to see what his work with urban stuff would be like if it were transposed into something with more of a nature oriented setting.

Also, if your band or a band you know needs some photography work done for an upcoming album/live performances/promotional purposes/etc, send me an e-mail. I’m currently booking for new talent in the Boston area.

That’s all I gots for ya! I’ll try to post some stuff from The Viennagram/Fashion/Awesome show this weekend up next week. Stay tuned!


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