A backyard that abuts conservation land and a local farm provides both privacy and ever-changing scenic beauty aligned with the seasons. Our clients aimed to embrace this natural connection by creating a serene sanctuary away from the urban hustle.

By eliminating a chimney and stove in the family room and introducing full-height windows and a glass door to connect with the yard, we fashioned an interior stepped connector hallway. This hallway boasts white oak flooring and custom floating bookshelves, seamlessly linking the family room to the new 725-square-foot primary suite.

The butterfly roof rises to a height exceeding 16.5 feet. Our design encompasses a dual-roof concept: a lower roof housing insulation and structure, topped by an upper roof that offers protection from the elements, complete with a sleek 4-foot, finely-edged overhang. Efficient drainage is achieved through a projecting gargoyle scupper and a tailor-made rain chain that directs water to a dry well located on the street side.

The rich, dark green zellige tile, crafted from handmade Moroccan terra cotta, became a focal point for the bedroom's decorative theme. For the siding, reclaimed mahogany shiplap was used, with the original nail holes intentionally retained. Mahogany accents also grace the bathroom and encircle the bedroom, forming an original LED strip uplight feature. These three interior woods—mahogany, white oak—layer throughout, infusing the space with warmth and depth.

Spanning 27 feet, the walk-in closet includes a compact gym and spans the entire wall facing the street. A partial wall separates the closet from the sleeping area, affording homeowners the opportunity to bask in the full spectrum of sun angles throughout the day from their bed.

The oversized windows emerge as the true centerpiece, capturing attention. While our clients wished to maintain unobstructed views, they opted against window treatments. They desired an atmosphere akin to the outdoors, a feeling further enhanced by the presence of their Norwegian gas fireplace and the tranquil views of woods and streams beyond.

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