In 2015, this 1962 Deck House was initially presented as a candidate for demolition. As the overseeing contractor on behalf of the proprietors—an architect and an interior designer—we undertook a comprehensive transformation of the entire structure. Our efforts encompassed the meticulous restoration of the original, opulent natural components, including Peruvian mahogany window trim, repurposed brickwork, and Canadian cedar floor and roof tongue-and-groove "decking." Addressing the need for updated systems, we executed a complete replacement, necessitating the construction of an additional interior perimeter wall to accommodate new plumbing, electrical wiring, and insulation. Much of the initial slate and wood flooring, steel windows, plywood siding, and lighting fixtures were meticulously refurbished, reused, or mended. Our objective was to pay homage to the original architect's design vision while contemporizing the living environment to align with present-day energy efficiency standards. This residence has gained prominence, being featured in a tour titled "Saving a Teardown" by the Friends of Modern Architecture, Lincoln. Furthermore, it serves as the central subject of an ongoing documentary and book project.

Established in 2018, InkStone Architects emerged under the guidance of Eve Isenberg and Brigitte Steines, both esteemed licensed Architects. The firm is dedicated to delivering comprehensive offerings encompassing residential and compact commercial architectural design, interior design, and diligent oversight throughout the construction process.