This Cambridge home looked modest from the outside, but inside popped with a vibrant life. This house had beautiful wooden floors, both upstairs and down, which added a comfortable feel and helped accentuate some of it’s more modern delights. The colorful artwork in every room and hallway gave the space flavor and the white walls helped the light bounce around in the most satisfying of ways. The design, layout, and color of this home would be ideal for everything from having a morning coffee with a close friend to getting some work finished before a deadline. I was hard pressed to find anything in the house that didn’t give me some sense of pleasure.

The first picture is a view from the entry way. With light bouncing into every corner of the house, it’s no wonder this hallway seems so inviting. This was shot with one flash (in the hallway behind the stairs to the right) to help balance the exposure of the back wall with the hallway.

This was my favorite part of the house and also my favorite photograph taken from the shoot. Wooden staircases like these make me drool. Lighting this was tricky. I had to use three lights to bounce of the ceiling behind me to decrease the amount of contrast between the wood and the windows. I brought back a little of the detail in the windows using High-Dynamic Range layering in photoshop.

A view from the top of the staircase.

A view of the entry way and closet. The high ceilings made the hallway seem bigger than it was. The closet had an automatic light when one of the doors were opened, but because it was an unflattering incandescent light, I turned it off and used a flash inside instead. It made the exposure inside the closet more even.

The living room.

The kitchen was amazing. With the wall to the left allowing daylight in all day, at night would be the only time to ever use kitchen lights.

My kitchen looks nothing like this.

This was the tiny half bathroom on the first floor. Looking at the wallpaper for too long made me feel like I was in the film Holy Mountain.

The children’s bathroom on the second floor. The designer, Emily Pinney, knew how to give each room it’s own energy, but maintain a continuity with the rest of the house.

The master bathroom had a sleek design and a lovely skylight that kept the room illuminated all day long.

Home photographed for Pinney Designs.