It’s very exciting working with a company from the ground up. Jason Stevens is the founder and owner of TribalTLC, (Tribal) Knowledge, (T)each, (L)earn and (C)ollaborate. It’s a peer learning group geared towards acquiring survival skills for business, technology and design. Some topics are web design, SEO and running your business.

He brought me in to take his portrait. The images will appear on the forthcoming website and all social media platforms. Since TribalTLC is just gaining traction, the images we created were crucial for branding and initial impressions. I wanted to convey Jason exactly how he is. Fun, affable, a person you want to be around.



We aimed at getting a diverse mix of portraits. Knowing that these pictures are going to have multiple uses on the web and in print, we wanted to capture his personality honestly and portray him in a confident, fun way.

We did the shoot in Boston’s South End. We didn’t have much of a plan going in, but luck favored us when we found this abandoned building behind a parking lot. Most of the pictures were shot with natural light, others with a single strobe or just a reflector.

We utilized the colors and backdrops everywhere we could before the sun went down.

Last shot of the day.

After graduating from NESOP in 2009, I have been apart of C.R.I.T. (Camera Records In Time), which is a photography critique group. Made out of mostly Mass Art grads, about a dozen of us get together every month to talk about photography, how we can better our craft, grow as creators and propel each other to the next level. The biggest thing missing after graduating from a photography school is the constant feedback and sense of community.

Having a group of people putting me and my work through the grind is vital to my editing and sequencing process. Both of which are the toughest part of photography. The toughest. That includes actually landing paid jobs.

Being apart of a critique group has shown me many honest reflections, not only about my work, but about myself. This Saturday 2/2/2013 from 7-9pm we are having our third book release at Redtail. It features current work from seven members of the group. There will be photography, food, wine, music and a community of creators and artists. We would love for you to join.