Lincoln Park, Dartmouth Massachusetts. Old abandoned roller coaster.
Ben Gebo Photography www bengebocom

Time for some Massachusetts history. This is an abandoned roller coaster at Lincoln Park. I went here kid until it closed in the late 80’s. It was eventually torn down in 2012. The most popular ride was the “Monster Ride,” where diabolical creatures were plotting your demise from beyond the railways. It featured two paper maché monsters overlooking your entry from the second floor balcony. It has appeared in several newspaper articles. Lincoln Park used to be known as “Midway Park” or “Westport Park” until a new name was chosen in a lottery.
In 1987 it had a series of accidents which led to its closing. Four months later on September 29, the braking system on the roller coaster failed, causing one of the cars to jackknife. Although no one was injured, this was the final ride of the coaster. The jack-knifed car remained stuck on the roller coaster track well into the 1990s, until vandals tore it off.
The 42-acre site is currently being considered for a 252-unit housing project. It’s funny how quickly the earth overtakes human-made structures like this one. Captured with an old Nikon D200 at a five minute shutter speed. Rest in pieces, you ol’ hunk of junk.