This week singer Lisa Moise launched her new album Boite De Chocolat. The album photography was a collaborative effort between my friend and all-around good guy Michael Connors and myself. We shot all of the photos for the album in Lynn, MA in January of this year. It was a fun, successful shoot and Lisa was easy to work with. Mike and I went into the shoot with a few planned ideas, but it was really a blending of Lisa’s creative team and our concepts that led to the final album artwork.


Creating photos for an album is tricky. Usually the concept, design and layout have already been decided. The photography, in this case, was the last thing to be included. Since there is heavy emphasis on the photos in the album design, that leads limitations in creating new, unplanned photographs. We were able to work with the confines and actually had a lot of options that fit the layout. Without communication and preparation, things probably wouldn’t have gone as smooth.

These are shots that didn’t make the final cut, but were some of my favorites from the shoot. As photographers, we don’t always get the luxury of being apart of every aspect of the album production, but it can be enjoyable when you work with other creatives who need you to fill in the gaps.