I was recently commissioned by the ISGM to capture refreshed imagery for their promotional and commercial needs. This was taken at most their recent Third Thursdays night. The rules there are no tripod and no flash. How do I shoot in dark spaces with such limitations? I used high ISO, leaned on walls for stability and shot in burst/continuous mode. Most times photography is less about art, more about problem solving.

Gardner MuseumThis is my final 2016 post. I felt an architectural photo is a nice way to close out the year. After all, it’s #spaces and #art that have given me most of what I have. This year has been one of growth, fulfillment, art, travel, music, sadness, uncertainty and conviction. These are merely threads weaved on the quilt of our lives. There is no good or bad. Let us appreciate each breath, blink, tear as well as each other. To my fellow humans, I love you! Let’s hug it out in 2017!