I am currently benefiting from a change of environment and atmosphere. I am writing this while driving through Omaha, Nebraska en route to Boulder, Colorado. Three nights prior to this one, which just so happened to be my 26th birthday, I spoke at an event called Pecha Kucha and discussed my experiences of overcoming creative droughts. This event collects a handful of people across various creative fields, although most have something to do with design, to discuss whatever they want in front of other like-minded creatives. Current projects, some new form of innovation inside their own industry, or something completely unrelated but having a relevant point, these are all things past speakers have chosen to speak about in prior events.

The platform is set up to show 20 slides, displaying one slide every 20 seconds. I was obviously going to show photographs, just a matter of what I wanted to say about my pictures. I spoke of something that any creator has experienced and will continue to experience: trying to break out of creative slumps. Why this current road trip I am on is important to the speech I gave is because of the three things I found helped get me out of such slumps: Embracing failure, limiting yourself and renewing your surroundings.

I found that if you place yourself in any new surrounding, it alters your perception and way of thinking. Whether for better or worse, all environments evoke a particular sense of space on conscious and
unconscious levels. I found while I was running in the same circles and feeling the unclassifiable stress from predictable routines, I felt my world getting smaller. Distancing yourself from your comforts and common environments force you to form a new connection with any newly arrived place.

Alright, it’s my turn get behind the wheel. I’ll try to get the presentation posted online soon. For now, enjoy pictures from the road trip.