Styling Props from Ben’s personal collection


  • design magazines/books, laptop, 12″ black notebook, pens, record player, records
  • headphones, acoustic/electric guitar, picks, cajon, tambourine, djembe
  • framed prints, most are 11×14, old cameras, lenses
  • plants: 2x rubber trees, ivy, hanging plants, other small ones
  • breakfast tray, cutting board, knives, plates, silverware, wooden bowls, container for cooking utensils
  • french press, coffee beans in jar, vitamix blender, coffee mugs, tea bags, french style kettle
  • food: fruit, peppers, mason jars of rice, oats
  • lamps, small and chic beige and red end table
  • candles, slippers, eye masks, sun/reading glasses, tall black bedroom mirror, modern wooden table clock

Here is a list of stylists I recommend. I worked with Beth on a photo shoot with Linger Home on 2/2020.
Ennis Inc., Beth and Nicole
Robert Brown
Kara Butterfield