Basic Tahini Sauce

vegan, paleo, dairy/gluten/nut-free

 2.5c tahini
 2c water
 1/2c lemon juice

Extras to add
 coconut flakes
 white pepper
 1/2 tbsp monk fruit

Add everything to a jar and stir with a knife. Takes no time and no cleaning. It seems watery and curdled for a minute but then emulsifies effortlessly into a perfect creme-like consistency. One or two drops of olive oil if you wanted, and you could sub some of the lemon juice for rice or cider vinegar. I’d do sesame and rice for Asian-y, or cider and a drop of walnut oil for more California cuisine. White or red wine vinegar for the latter. Try adding fresh ground black pepper and a small shallot too. Shallots are one big secret of restaurant food taste.

I like to use this as a base and then add extra spices from there.

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