Cambridge Home Retouching Before/After

Yellow door front porch cambridge mass

I am a porch man. Also a front door man. And a lamp man. And a coffee table man. Photographed for the super talented Sam Kachmar Architects back when life was green. It will be warm and green again as sure as the sun rises. If you find here and now intolerable, there are three options: remove yourself from the situation, change it, or accept it totally.

Yellow door front porch cambridge interior design


Below you can see my before and after of this gorgeous Cambridge home! Retouching this took somewhere around five hours. The power lines were monotonous, but removing the street post was the tallest order. Retouching is when podcasts get listened to the most.
My approach to making this happen was compositing the final images from twenty different photographs. I did a full bracket from multiple vantage points. It allowed me to sample “donor photos” that were obstructed in the main picture. I had to shoot this quickly as the sun was rising fast.
Once I think the image is fully done, that’s when I zoom in at 200% and scan the entire photo twice. I’m looking for imperfections of any kind and using the clone, heal, or paint brush to fix them. Also notice the bluer sky, cleaner and vibrant green growth, and an overall evening of exposure. Almost anything is doable in post-production, but my goal is to get the image right in camera as much as possible. Styling help from the wonderful Michaela Wozniak. Looking forward to more exterior photo shoots once this pandemic ends and we can all be human beings again.
This was all done using Photoshop, Lightroom and my Wacom tablet. Camera of choice for this was my Nikon D800 tethered to my 2019 Apple Macbook Pro. Half my knowledge base was grown at New England School of Photography!

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