The Somerville Boxing Club: Empowering Fitness and Confidence Through Boxing

Situated in Somerville, Massachusetts, the Somerville Boxing Club is a non-profit entity dedicated to offering boxing training and fitness classes suitable for all ages and skill levels. Established in 2011 by Coach Gabriel Duluc, a former professional boxer, the club was born with a vision to utilize boxing as a means to foster physical fitness, self-discipline, and self-assurance within the community.

With a comprehensive array of programs, the Somerville Boxing Club extends group classes and personalized training sessions. These offerings cater to individuals eager to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of boxing, enhance their overall fitness, or venture into competitive boxing. The club further extends its commitment through a youth program designed to cultivate skills and self-esteem in a secure and supportive setting for young individuals.

Beyond its fitness focus, the Somerville Boxing Club serves as a community cornerstone. A melting pot of diverse backgrounds and life journeys, the club unites people for shared training and support. Guided by the club's mission, participants are encouraged to exceed their personal benchmarks through boxing while embracing values of respect, discipline, and tenacity.

The Somerville Boxing Club envisions a world where the power of boxing cultivates both physical and personal growth. By promoting a culture of resilience, respect, and unwavering determination, the club stands as a beacon of empowerment. Join the journey to enhanced fitness, self-confidence, and camaraderie by engaging with the Somerville Boxing Club today.