I find myself getting inspired from everything around me. People. Shapes. Color. The world is your playground, why not use it for any and all photographic purposes as well? I find that to maintain a connection to your creative self, you need incorporate a delicate balance of work and play with what you love to do. The reason why people don’t make a career out of the things they love is because they are afraid of spoiling what they love by attaching business practices to it. The “thing” that you love should be organic and should be untampered with. Although, I think if you know how to work it correctly, you can find a medium in which you can turn your play into your work. I think it’s important to let your dreams and aspirations become you.

I recently was published in Stuff Magazine twice(page 27, page 90). One for an ad with G2O Spa/Salon and the other for my interior photography work with designer Kristine Mullaney. This was a hip, Hollywood-style home that had elaborate decor and very striking design. It was a lot of fun to shoot, but with limits on time, there was only so much I could shoot.

Work with Kristine Mullaney

Emerge and G20 Spa article

G20 Spa and Salon Advertisement