I recently attended the B(oNE) Show which was held at Mass Art on June 11th (I know, a month late). This is a yearly event that showcases numerous pieces from a Graphic Design competition by the AIGA Boston. I helped with shooting events and the catalog. It was a rewarding experience and worked with some great people. There was a tremendous turnout, but the alcohol ran out rather quickly, haha. It was still a blast and wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work that Brandon Bird and Jeff Stammen. They spent many sleepless night trying to get the event planned and exectuted, and it they made it look easy.

I’ve recently been busy working for salons in the area, specifically Emerge and G2O on Newbury Street. It has been a blast and I was able to come out with some really great shots. It’s really interesting working in a spa setting. No matter how stressed shoots can be, the sound and the atmosphere calm everyone down.

I had a blast shooting there. This particular shoot combined my favorite elements: interiors and people. G2O and Emerge were great; very clean throughout the premises, very fun and nice staff, just a great area to end up with a lot of amazing shots. I find that a lot of planning for a shoot of this magnitude can really help get the best image possible. I was always willing to accept all outside input as a new potential for a creative image that I would have never otherwise thought. It really does help to work with other creative people that are willing to collaborate ideas. I find you need to stay inspired constantly in order to come up with the best images that you AND your client will love.

‘Til next time! (which will be soon!)

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