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My Guest Appearances on This Anthro Life Podcast

The past weekend’s successful annual bike ride to Provincetown is the prologue to my upcoming August adventure. Tomorrow, I’m journeying out to the Pacific Northwest for the first time. Biking from Seattle to Portland, hiking and camping in Oregon and Idaho, then finishing things off with Burning Man 2015​.

I figured it would only seem fitting to post my guest appearances from the This Anthropological Life podcast since they all relate to travel and the human experience. You can listen and download them below. I will be “going dark” for most of my trip but might pop my head up from time to time. See you in September!

This Anthro Life – Episode 5 – 11/21/2013
Travel, Photography, Memory

This Anthro Life – Episode 15 – 2/25/2014
Altered States Part 1
Altered States Part 2

This Anthro Life – Episode 36 – 7/29/2014
Urban Cycling

This Anthro Life – Episode 41 – 9/8/2015
Burning Man – Part 1
Burning Man – Part 2

This Anthro Life – Episode 50 – 12/16/2015
Human Endurance


Burning Man, Human Endurance, Altered States, Travel, Memory.