One of the reasons photography fascinates me is because the field is always changing. There are always new trends that come into the photo world, much like music, fashion, anything else, really. I think it’s just a natural cycle all art forms encounter. I think the key to being a good photographer is to shoot what you like and make your work consistent. While I was in photography school, I soon realized that you shouldn’t create work that you think other people will love. Create work you love. Currently, I am very inspired by Bob Willoughby.

Trends and style are two different things. Trends can fade in and out, but style is a trademark and could be considered timeless. Yousuf Karsh, Elliot Erwitt, you can spot any of their photographs based on their style. Making memorable work isn’t an easy task. When pursuing a new portfolio, it can take years to finish. Of course, if every photographer shot the same way throughout their career, creating “new” work can get stale. Reexamine what got you into photography in the first place, or whatever field you may be in, and apply that emotion into all of your work. For me, I need to put my camera down, sometimes for weeks at a time. It’s important to be engulfed in whatever you are doing, but I don’t think it’s good to oversaturate your life with one project. I don’t even know where my artistic vision comes from sometimes, so I dare not force it; just let it come naturally. When we we’re officially out of ideas and on the brink of giving up, that magic comes back to us when we need it most. Hopefully when it does you’ll have you’re camera on you. We are a product of nature, but balance is nature, which is why I try to balance all aspects of my life.

Here are some photographs from recent architectural shoots.

Private residence in Newton, MA. Interior Designer Elissa Fenster and stylist Robert Brown.

Private residence in Back Bay. Interior Designer Kristine Mullaney.

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