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  • idyllwild, ca

    I recently returned from a few weeks of traveling around the country. I visited Savannah to run a marathon, Florida to visit some family and ventured all over California. Here are some photographs from a cabin adventure in Idyllwild, CA.

  • burning man

    This Summer was arguably the best one I’ve ever had. The months leading up to my 30th year as a human being on this planet were filled with humor, pain, uncertainty, growth, adventure, community, truth, and pushing my mind and body beyond limits. I’ve seen a truer reflection of myself in this corner of 2014 than at…

  • colloquy, summer ’13

    One of the biggest and most fun projects I’ve worked on for Harvard was shooting portraits of the Harvard Horizons PhD student scholars. I needed to shoot dynamic environmental portraits of eight selected students, all of whom worked in varying fields. Below are the tear sheets and selected portraits of each scholar. I was limited…

  • july 4th in acadia

    Over the July 4th weekend I went to Acadia, ME for some rock climbing, biking, hiking and camping with friends. I’ve found relocating to the wilderness and breaking routine is the easiest way to reset the brain. Instead of e-mails, editing pictures, client meetings and preparing for photo shoots, I let the outdoors reignite my…

  • sandoval ranch & vineyard

    When I was in California, I made the trek up to Santa Barbara. I shot portraits of Dan and Arielle, a musical duo based in LA. You can see pictures from that shoot in my last post. I also documented what goes into making such delicious wine at Sandoval Vineyard. I now have a new…

  • Colloquy Magazine, Summer 2012, HGTV Magazine

    I was recently published in the Summer edition of Colloquy Magazine. I photographed three students all working on a documentary film with a similar theme, the theme being industrial decline. Fascinating topic and something I think anyone with a camera is naturally drawn to. Both still and video, cameras are created to tangetize(real word?) a…

  • Indobox Photo Shoot, Website Launch Party

    There’s a lot of things happening this month. I am currently working with Boston-based Architect Diane Lim(Lim Design Studio) on various projects throughout the city. I recently photographed the newly opened Sweet Cupcakes on School Street downtown for her. Those pictures will most likely be in my next post. She was the architect who also…

  • Photo Exercise #2: Newbury Street

    This week’s assignment was giving ourselves one hour to produce six images on Newbury Street during a weeknight. Being the first real night of the year that felt like summer, taking pictures got me especially anxious, even considering I was on a shoot for 8 hours all day already, with little sleep the night before.…

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