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  • Harvard Colloquy Alumni Magazine

    Harvard Colloquy Winter 2018 I photographed Harvard Horizons scholar Shane Campbell-Staton at the Harvard Museum of Natural History. He was a wonderful man to work with and offered to give me a personal tour of the museum! Below are some other shots we took.
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  • magic, interiors & new england home

    I was featured throughout a recent issue of New England Home and the last issue of Harvard’s Colloquy. I sat in on two classes at Harvard. One was a book making class at the Widener Library and the other was a class called “Con Men, Neuroscience and Magic: How the World of Illusion Can Inform Our Understanding…

  • id boston

    I have been working with the Boston Design Center since Jamestown has acquired the building in 2013. It’s gained a lot of creative growth since I’ve had the privilege to work with the amazing people there. Since our partnership, I have shot everything from portraits, architecture, still-life and events for them. In addition, I get…

  • fall issue of colloquy

    I have had the fortunate experience to work with Harvard University for nearly five years. I shoot for a lot of schools in the Boston area, but Harvard has given me the opportunity to meet with some of the most forward thinking minds in the world. Over the course of a month, I photographed nine people…

  • life in the yard, colloquy magazine

    I was recently published in three different magazines over the past month: Colloquy, Architecture Boston and Spirit Boston. This post is about the shoot I did for Harvard’s latest Colloquy issue. The feature story is titled “Life in The Yard”. It was a different project than what I’m used to shooting for the magazine. The…

  • colloquy, summer ’13

    One of the biggest and most fun projects I’ve worked on for Harvard was shooting portraits of the Harvard Horizons PhD student scholars. I needed to shoot dynamic environmental portraits of eight selected students, all of whom worked in varying fields. Below are the tear sheets and selected portraits of each scholar. I was limited…

  • colloquy magazine, fall ’12

    I had the pleasure to work with some inspiring people in the latest issue of Colloquy magazine. Scott Lee has done fascinating things since his 2003 graduation, mostly focusing on South African and Indian community health, although he does place interest in US healthcare. His work centers around engaging communities to operate more safely and…

  • Colloquy Magazine, Summer 2012, HGTV Magazine

    I was recently published in the Summer edition of Colloquy Magazine. I photographed three students all working on a documentary film with a similar theme, the theme being industrial decline. Fascinating topic and something I think anyone with a camera is naturally drawn to. Both still and video, cameras are created to tangetize(real word?) a…

  • Colloquy Magazine April ’12

    In April I shot my first assignment for Colloquy. It’s the alumni magazine for Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. I shoot people, I shoot places, I love shooting people in places. The location itself is a subject, but people respond strongest when another human being is present in the photo. Photography creates tangible…

  • Cemeteries, Boston Globe Magazine

    A few weeks ago I went to take pictures with Courtney at Mt. Auburn Cemetery right before peak Fall colors kicked in. Perfect day and perfect location; a place I’ve been meaning to shoot at for some time. We headed to Harvard Square as the night set in and finished the shoot at the Goorin…

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