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  • AIGA Boston

    Photographs of AIGA Events by Ben Gebo. Please contact Ben for image usage. AIGA Designing Diversity 3/29/2018 AIGA Mentorship Program 3/28/2018 AIGA FutureWe @ IDEO 11/29/2017 AIGA Over The Years!
  • AIGA Boneshow

  • AIGA Boneshow 2017

  • AIGA

  • jason stevens shoot, new book release

    It’s very exciting working with a company from the ground up. Jason Stevens is the founder and owner of TribalTLC, (Tribal) Knowledge, (T)each, (L)earn and (C)ollaborate. It’s a peer learning group geared towards acquiring survival skills for business, technology and design. Some topics are web design, SEO and running your business. He brought me in…

  • The B(oNE) Show, Emerge and g2o Spa/Salon, New Things

    I recently attended the B(oNE) Show which was held at Mass Art on June 11th (I know, a month late). This is a yearly event that showcases numerous pieces from a Graphic Design competition by the AIGA Boston. I helped with shooting events and the catalog. It was a rewarding experience and worked with some…