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composer anthony cheung for the chicago reader and agenda magazine

Posted on: October 5th, 2016 by Ben Gebo | No Comments

I was contacted by the Chicago Reader to photograph composer Anthony Cheung. The Reader is similar to the Boston Phoenix in it’s appeal and readership. It was my first job for the publication. Anytime I have a new client, I try to above and beyond expectations in response to nerves.


Here’s Anthony. Shot on-location on a sunny day at Brown University in Providence. Here is the article where it appeared.



For editorial shoots, regardless of how many photos the photographer takes, the editors always want to know what else was shot.


For format, alignment with the vibe of the article and consistency with the publication, it’s important to shoot as many different moods and compositions to make it easier for the magazine.



hgtv magazine

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This month I was featured twice in HGTV Magazine! So cool! The first was a full-page feature of a bedroom I shot for Annsley Interiors in Nantucket. The second was a beautiful bathroom I shot for Mandarina Studio in Boston. I feel so fortunate to get access to some of the most amazing homes!

Ben Gebo Photography Ben Gebo Photography

magic, interiors & new england home

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I was featured throughout a recent issue of New England Home and the last issue of Harvard’s Colloquy.

I sat in on two classes at Harvard. One was a book making class at the Widener Library and the other was a class called “Con Men, Neuroscience and Magic: How the World of Illusion Can Inform Our Understanding of Human Perception.” It was pretty fun to see one mind bending magician after another freak people out. One of the more unique shoots I’ve done for Harvard.

Ben Gebo Photography

Ben Gebo Photography


Pictures of mine in the table of contents and notes section of Colloquy.

Ben Gebo Photography

Below is a photo I shot at the 2014 Harvard Horizons Symposium. Speaking on stage is Tom Norman who studies Systems Biology. Take a look at his talk “Decisions, Decisions: The Eclectic Lives of Individual Cells.”

I also had some of my work featured in New England Home Magazine. The first few shots are from a project I worked on with Pinney Designs and landscape architect Andrea Nilson Morse. You can view all of the photos from that shoot here. Ben Gebo Photography

Ben Gebo Photography

In the same issue, I also had some of my work featured in the “Before and After” section. Photographed for Suzanne Pascucci and Holly Wood of Labalise Interiors.
Ben Gebo Photography
Here is an advertisement I shot for Danit Ben-Ari of Interior Transformations. This was photographed in a beautiful Newton home last year. The rest of the photos from this shoot can be found here.

Ben Gebo Photography

id boston

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I have been working with the Boston Design Center since Jamestown has acquired the building in 2013. It’s gained a lot of creative growth since I’ve had the privilege to work with the amazing people there. Since our partnership, I have shot everything from portraits, architecture, still-life and events for them. In addition, I get access to amazing panel discussions they put on.

I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work with! Please have a look at some photos from the latest issue of the design center’s magazine ID Boston.

Liz Powers of Artlifting


ID Boston

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fall issue of colloquy

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I have had the fortunate experience to work with Harvard University for nearly five years. I shoot for a lot of schools in the Boston area, but Harvard has given me the opportunity to meet with some of the most forward thinking minds in the world. Over the course of a month, I photographed nine people for the latest issue of the Harvard GSAS alumni magazine Colloquy. The portraits spanned five sections in the magazine!

Each subject I photographed worked in a wide range of fields. Being able to talk about terminal illness with hospital chaplain Austin Lee Campbell for the Future of Study of Religion article or the advances in interactive learning with Erik Bauch and Georg Kucsko, I was excited to see exactly how these great minds are allowing us to experience the world in a new way.


Jun Song





Austin Lee Campbell

Anne Monius

Mara Block
Ben Gebo Photography



Erik Bauch

Georg Kucsko



Karen Thornber




Morgan Ng
Ben Gebo Photography

Victoria Addona